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The Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do this now?

  • It has been over a decade since Brownson has done a formal visioning process.[1]  As a result both the vision ministry team task force and the session felt like it was time to step back and discern where Christ is calling.  The goal of this process will be to discern a clear and compelling vision for the church as well as goals for our future together. 
  • I have worked on leading this process in my previous church and I have seen how the Spirit can work through this process to help grow the church. 

“I think our church is doing great?  Why invest this time and energy?”

  • You are right.  Things are going really well at Brownson. However, the Vision Team and the Session have both acknowledged that we live in a changing cultural landscape.  To ignore that reality would mean we are not being faithful stewards nor would it be good leadership.
  • Please remember, part of our reformed tradition is that we are the “church reformed always reforming.”  God is never done with us.   The Spirit is always leading, guiding, and challenging us to grow.  Our hope is to prayerfully listen for the Spirit and to let Christ be our guide in this process.     

“Will I have input in the process?”

  • Absolutely! You are going to be an essential part of this process.  There will be times in the process for feedback, and input. 

What will the visioning process entail?

  • The process will begin in late September and go for a nine-month period. 
  • Part of the process will be to celebrate the long legacy of Brownson and to build on the wonderful faithfulness of the church. 

[1] There was a study group formed in 2012/2013 but a facilitated process has not been done since 2006.