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If you are a woman who is a member of Brownson and supports the Presbyterian Women’s Purpose, you are already a member of PW in spirit or in action! Currently nearly 100 active members strong, our continuing goal is to increase the number of Brownson women involved in our PW church community. We encourage each of you to bring your time and talents to PW in whatever unique way you wish to contribute.  We want you and we need you!

PW Purpose

Brownson PW subscribes to the Purpose of the PW of the PC(USA) as follows:

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves

to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,

to support the mission of the church worldwide,

to work for justice and peace, and

to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.

What is a Circle?

Brownson has six Circles, which are small groups of women who gather monthly (except for summer) for Bible study, fellowship, and personal support. Circles meet at varying times.

Choose one that is convenient for you, OR consider organizing one of your own. We’d love that!

Circle 1

4th Thursday, 7 PM


Crystal Blue
Trish Harris


Circle 2

2nd Tuesday, 10 AM

Rm C

Linda Bryant


Circle 3

2nd Monday, 12 PM

Rm C

Sandra Olbon


Circle 4

2nd Thursday, 10:15 AM

Rm C

Kathy McPherson


Circle 6

2nd Monday, 10 AM

Rm A

Libby Marsh


Circle 7

3rd Thursday, 4 PM

Rm C

Robyn Lam    
Sara James



PW holds Gatherings several times a year with guest speakers in the Fall and Spring. All are welcome to attend, and childcare is provided.

Commitment to Education

Brownson PW first began providing scholarships in 1959, raising funds to support this effort through various events. Through the years, PW scholarships have been awarded to Brownson members pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or divinity school degrees. Applications are available every December for the upcoming school year. For each of the past two years, scholarships have been awarded to 10 graduating or returning students.

Coordinating Team

Brownson PW is governed by a group of annually elected leaders known as the Coordinating Team (CT). The current team members are:

Moderator: Elaine Sills
Vice Moderator: Jane Howard
Recording Secretary: Robyn Lam
Corresponding Secretary: Priscilla McLeod
Treasurer: Blanche Woodruff
Programs: Martha Butler
Spiritual Nurture: Gail Cameron
Mission/Celebrations Giving: Sandra Olbon
Scholarship: Linda Bryant and Sandra Olbon
Membership: Linda Hamel
Historian: Elaine Sills
Parliamentarian: Barbara Ross

Want to Know More?

Contact Moderator Elaine Sills, 910.692.8233 or

Membership Leader Linda Hamel, 910.684.8627

For information at the Presbytery level, visit:

For National PW–PC(USA), visit www.presbyterianwomen.org

2023-2024 Bible Study

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