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Brownson U

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Brownson U has three foundational principles: Courageous Conversations, Innovative Connections, Experiential Discipleship. You will receive more details about these phrases in the coming weeks, but we were very intentional with our selections because we believe they are both aspirational and concrete. In other words, they will serve as core values for us to live into and as guiding principles for new adult discipleship offerings going forward.


Sunday School at 9:30 AM:

The Living Word in Today's World—Zoom Meeting ID 9517229620 or call 1.929.205.6099

Men & Women’s Bible Class—Zoom Meeting ID
79235907804 or call 1.929.205.6099; Lesson books can be picked up in the church office.

Adult Studies:

Theology on Tap—Wednesdays at 5:30 PM;
Zoom Meeting ID 94570390464 or call 1.929.205.6099






2021 Lenten series small groups

2021 Lent Graphic


Week One Video

Lesson One - Click HERE


Week Two

Week Two Video

Lesson Two - Click HERE 


Week Three

Week Three Video

Lesson Three - Click HERE

Week Four

Week Four Video

Lesson Four - Click HERE


Week 5

Lesson Five - Click HERE 

week six

Week 6

Lesson Six - Click HERE